Reborn In The Trenches With ‘Baby’s First Wars’

After a three-year absence and a renewed creative drive,
the modern roots rock band from Philadelphia is back wowing audiences and sending them home with songs stuck on them
like static-charged clothing.

Since 2003 The Nodd’s music mission has centered around the distinct songwriting and vocals of Dug, an American born near Philadelphia, PA. Producer Angelo Quaglia, after guest-judging for the international competition Emergenza, met Dug during the final round at The Theatre of the Living Arts after awarding him Best Vocalist of 2004. In 2005, having played on a brief national tour including Philadelphia, St. Louis, Chicago, Memphis, New York and Washington D.C. and earning their reputation for captivating live crowds, Dug felt that The Nodd had new music to make. Through personnel changes within the band and a developing creative relationship with Quaglia, The Nodd set out to capture what would be both a collection of enduring songs and a
full album-oriented experience –an increasingly rare endeavor in today’s single-dominated music world. Baby’s First Wars, their first full-length album in five years, was released on Wednesday the 11th of November 2009 – anniversary of the end to World War I.

“I believe The Nodd is here to show what independent music can do... how strongly it can connect with our audiences, how far it can go, and how long it can endure,” Dug says. “We strive to make music that unites people – people from different places, people from different times. When our songs blend genres that are usually not combined, it’s not a stunt – we just don’t see those dividing lines in music.” The songs are built with infectious melodic hooks and the kind of guitar anti-hero presence that hold together ageless songs of rock, folk, punk, and soul that The Nodd grew up on.

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