by Farrah Alexander

All great things are worth waiting for.
Patience and ears will be rewarded with
and intoxicating mix of soul, punk and rock
elements upon first listen of The Nodd's
first new CD in over five years,
Baby's First Wars.

Over the years the band has experienced
several changes in lineup and approach, after
breaking down and building up through creative differences
and evolving goals. And recording The Nodd, who are based
in the suburbs of Philadelphia by Quaglia who is based in
Amherst, Massachusetts has also had its challenges.

However, the resulting sound of the lasting collaboration
between The Nodd and Quaglia is nothing short of an explosion
of high energy modern punk roots music that’s very simple
in its ideology, economical in its composition, and yet
still musically adventurous and daringly original.

“Never Saw It Coming,” the CD’s first single is the
powerful, intense, sharp edged sound of The Nodd daring
to dive even deeper into the human psyche. The song contemplates
how one can be so on guard about certain things that they are
blind sighted by other things that are a danger to them.

Dug’s insightful and powerful songwriting takes listeners
on a journey through human emotions at every age from
conception to late in life; things we all go through;
like loss of innocence to feelings of rebellion in teenage years,
while still maintaining a raw, pounding rock beat.

And although Dug remains the center of the songwriting process, producer Angelo Quaglia deserves to take a bow for his
invaluable input and creative contributions that give the album
its technical wizardry and perfectionism. “Through a lot of changes, he’s nurtured and sharpened the creative force in The Nodd.
If I’m the guy on a ladder, painting the side of a barn Angelo
is the guy standing back about 50 feet, guarding over the
big picture and making sure what I want on the barn is going up
the way I intend it to. He can see more clearly, because
he’s not as close to it as I am. He’s the best kind of producer,
who understands the goals of our music and will fight me
when I get in my own way. He’s The Nodd’s guy on the OUTSIDE.”

The new masterful thirteen-track CD will be the stimulus
to resume The Nodd’s strong live presence and build on
the national following started in cities like New York, D.C.,
Memphis, St. Louis and Chicago in recent years. Dug says
The Nodd feel very empowered by the current state of the
ever-changing music business. “We’re in a time now where
you can give yourself legs … even wings … that you could
not 10 years ago. I truly believe The Nodd is here to show
what independent music can do, how strongly it can connect
with our audience, and how far it can go, and long it can endure.”

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